Wedding Ceremony Signs You Should Include

Wedding ceremony signs as part of a marriage ceremony are becoming increasingly popular.  Popular for the simplest to the most romantic of reasons.

If your marriage ceremony is set in a park or on a beach then have signage at the car park directing your family and friends to where you marriage ceremony will be.  Even better along the pathway to help your guests on the way.

At the ceremony venue incorporate a sign that shows it is the site your guests are looking for and include a message of welcome. Wedding ceremony signs can greet your guests with a personalised message such as “Please enjoy and join in our love for each other. Bride and Groom’s names”.  “Please take a seat with our love and gratitude. We’re so glad you’re here to help us celebrate today. Bride and Groom’s names”.  “We love that you love Facebook but please do not post our photos until we have had a chance to look at them”.

Instead of floral bouquet’s why not have the Bride’s party carrying wedding ceremony signs displaying quips such as “Hey Groom’s name, wait until you see your Bride – she is beautiful” Why not create a bit of fun “Loosen your jacket, she’s going to be late!”. Instead of your Celebrant asking the Groom to kiss the Bride have all of your guests hold up small signs in your ceremony asking him to do so?

Ceremony signs will also help to alert family and friends if there is to be group photo taken and when the reception venue is open for refreshments.  Ceremony signs can include where alternative arrangements have been made if inclement weather has arrived.

The more information you can provide will help make for a much more relaxed and enjoyable ceremony for you, your family and your friends.

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